Blockchain Technologies for the Additive Manufacturing Industry.

Cubichain Technologies brings together a uniquely qualified team of individuals and companies to demonstrate the feasibility and commercial viability for developing a blockchain database to mitigate vulnerabilities in the additive manufacturing data chain.


Securing and Protecting the Digital Product Definition

The Additive Manufacturing data chain has unique vulnerabilities that warrant the integration of blockchain technologies to deliver a secure and verifiable Digital Thread combined with Factory Floor deployment of advanced machine vision, X-ray Fluorescence and advanced 3D scanning techniques to identify build tampering, verify build material and certify build metrology.


Global Network of Dedicated Blockchain Nodes

Capabilities of using Cubichain blockchain nodes include participation with additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry's thought leaders and innovators.

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Developing a revolutionary information technology that protects the additive manufacturing Digital Product Definition enabling the secure transfer of part files and contracts between the authorizing tool and the machine tool.

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An attractive defense against a cyber-physical attacks on AM parts takes advantage of the layer-wise build process and advanced techniques of machine vision that can detect micro-scale differences in build surface topology and compare the difference against the digital slice definition in real-time.

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The ultimate solution to easily and affordably adapt to changing data structures and continue to provide a method for identifying changes in a data stream that would represent corruption of the DPD, associated files, and process.


Development Partners


Cubichain is utilizing the open source blockchain solution MultiChain which provides the ideal blockchain infrastructure required to enforce a reliable Digital Thread in the Additive Manufacturing industry.